Dry Chargo chartering

Introduction, Chartering Services

With a staff of 7 people, updated dedicated software to shipbroking and 24/7 availability to customers we provide not just competitive freights and charter party terms but also day to day follow-up from our post-fixing department dealing with all matters ensuring the best possible performance of the fixtures and problem solving. Being aware of the charterers' needs that surpass the 'fixing/post-fixing' shipping cycle, we offer full support and consultancy with freight estimation, trade analysis and market forecasts (based on forecasting and analyses of London chartering houses). Our teamwork approach, offers assistance to prospect trading decisions for charterers.

Resulting from the cooperation between our clients and our excellence in the dry cargo shipping market, the annual fixtures number and m.tons fixed via Handy Chart ltd has increased steadily over the last decade as shown in the figure:

Negotiations / Post-fixing

The main focus is to provide competitive freight rates in accordance to shipping markets as well as terms that protect our charterers' interests in order to ensure transparent favorable conditions.

Follow up on post-fixing is done on a daily basis including monitoring, issuance of charter parties, laytime calculations, closing of files, invoicing and support at any time that may be requested.

Actual samples of procedures in both fixing and post-fixing for our exclusive charterers, approved by their logistics department and compliant to their supply chain:

Actual samples Freight estimations, graphs and trading routes prepared for our exclusive charterers:

Tanker management / Chartering

The Technical Department at HANDY CHART LTD oversees and supports all technical operations .

A key element for the success of a modern Tanker Management Company is its strict adherence to the relevant rules /regulations and industry standards as well as the adoption of voluntary environmental and safety measures.

This coupled with a well-planned proactive maintenance program for the vessels, their equipment and systems, results in maximising the availability of the fleet, minimising costly repairs and providing to our charterers a safe, high-quality, reliable shipping service.

The success of management projects relies upon a full appreciation of the latest technical innovations within the shipping and shipbuilding industry in general, and the tanker industry in particular.

On top of this strong foundation, HANDY CHART adds its extensive in-service operating experience to insure its tanker vessels incorporate the latest technology, a practical approach to ship operations and the human interface, as well as industry best practices.

The Technical Department staff oversees the above activities with commitment and efficiency, The chartering department utilizing latest technology and vast contacts ensures fleets utilization to the highest standards.

We currently operate and control 2x150kt, 3x100kt, 3x70kt, 2x45kt, 1x20kt, 7x10kt, 2x3kt bitumen

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